So Wimbledon 🏆  is over and Roger Federer won for the 8th time!
I ❤️ this as tennis 🎾 is one of my favourite sports and I’ve been a fan of Roger Federer since he started.
However, for the first time, I have been able to watch pretty much every single match. Thanks to my one-month old that kept me awake during the tournament.
So for the first time, I was probably able to observe how the power of the mind has helped those that won. Here is where I see great similarities with us, entrepreneurs who are playing this business game.

Here are the Top 5 Lessons from Tennis Mindset for Us Entrepreneurs

1. Preparation is EVERYTHING 
Tennis players like any other sportsman/sportswoman prepare their mindset to stay focused.  No matter the distractions from the public, frustrations when things go wrong or disappointment when you fall behind.  Those with strong mindset would have prepared/trained their minds to stay focused on winning. They would have practised every move, invested in the best coaching and anticipated their game plan.
Business is not that different.  Entrepreneurs also need a strong mindset to keep going. Statistics tell you failure is likely. So having a strong mindset that keeps you focused on your end goal is fundamental to follow your original plan. Distractions to follow quick results, frustrations and disappointments will come.  Yet if you have a strong mindset you just KEEP ON GOING.
2. Moving on Quickly
Tennis players play for the current point. If they lost the previous point then that is behind. All that matters is to win the next point. Notice how players that can’t let go of their frustrations or disappointment will carry on this negative mindset to the next point. It is only when they move on that they give themselves a real opportunity to win that next point. And it is not that different in business.
Entrepreneurs also have to keep moving on. You are only as good as your last success. To repeat a success or move on quickly from failure is important to be present. Be committed in the moment with what you want to achieve each day. And move on quickly when things don’t go according to plan.
3. Learn from Your Competiton/Environment and Apply Your New Knowledge NOW
Here I see tennis players have a great challenge. As they start playing the first set or set they are not following their plan. They also learn what is the game plan of their opponent. However, it is how quickly they learn and use the information to adapt their own game plan what can make a difference between winning or losing.
In business, we are lucky that we have a little more than seconds or minutes to adapt our plan. However, it is as important to keep learning from your environment (market) and competition.  The goal in your plan is still the same. The application of new information can help you take that next step in growth.
4. Practice, Practice, Practice
Like anyone else that practices sports only a very structured practice previously defined to achieve goals will help to win a championship. Training every day both mind and body are only part of the routine that will create memory muscle to endure the greater demands from competition.
Entrepreneurs go through a similar experience as we practice on and on until we see the result that we expected. Even more experience will then give a greater opportunity of success and allow later on to scale a business.
5. Mature

‘Staying the same means going backwards’

Roger Federer
This is the lesson from Roger Federer. As he and his game matured his success became natural and made it possible for him to come back. Below is a video that explains how he matured and…
Entrepreneurs also have to learn to mature.When you start there is more flexibility on how to do business but as you grow you have greater and greater responsibility to start acting more like a more formal business or face the consequences of increasing issues. Just observe how Uber grew but didn’t mature and now is feeling the pressure from every angle to stop behaving like a start up.
If you like tennis like me hope you enjoyed and learned from the last couple of weeks. If you don’t really care about tennis still learn from the great mindset work they follow and apply to your own life.
Only benefits can come from learning from champions like a Roger Federer. Have a champion mindset and…