Want Time? Make It – TOP Tips for Mompreneurs

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about time?

Would you say that there is never enough of it, right?

What would you say if I tell you that you can always MAKE TIME?

Let me share with you the Top Tips to Make Time that I have received for Mompreneurs.

Lately it seems or feels like everyone is talking about saving time, making time and certainly, as I’m due soon with my second baby I’m thinking how am I going to do everything. Being someone that is extremely organised I do feel like approaching the arrival of my second baby is going to throw me off balance. Expected so to manage my day I better start planning (within reason and with the flexibility that my baby will allow). I can’t afford to procrastinate around it!

Just yesterday in my pre-natal class they made us think, hour by hour what we could fit in? As you may know or imagine, there is not much sleep or time to do your own things in particular when you have a toddler to take care of as well. Then you start thinking about must do chores and basically, you end up with very little time for yourself.

After reflecting on this exercise what I decided to do is try to compile all the tips that I have received to maximise the hours on a day as a Mompreneur and share these with you. Now, in the coming months you will hear from me and how am I doing with this but for now this is my list of top recommendations.

Top 5 Tips  to Make Time that I have Received for Mompreneurs

  1. Decide What You are Going to Make Time For. This is really important. In my case, I would say I prioritise my family. For my business, I concentrate on income producing activities. Anything else is nice to have. In one of my previous blogs, I discuss the ONE THING. So what is the One Thing for your family and the One Thing for your business that you need to achieve on a particular day?
  2. Focus Each Day on a Different Activity. Instead of trying to do a little bit of everything or multi-tasking every second just concentrate on again ONE THING to stop or diminish the madness of what may seem like a never ending list of to do’s. I have found that this is one of the most productive things to do. For example, after taking care of what my family needs, for my business I focus on one activity per day. One day is for Facebook, another one to create content, another is to communicate with all the people that follow supermumlifestyle.net, another day is for admin and another day is to finish little things I couldn’t complete in the week. What themes would you assign to each day?
  3. Dedicate Time to Change Your Mindset. One of the greatest challenges when starting an entrepreneurial journey is changing a mindset that is used to be an ’employee,’ or changing a mindset that has money blocks due to family history, or changing a mindset to suddenly becoming a public brand. Whatever mindset needs changing, it takes time and it is a good habit to dedicate time to reinforce the positive messages that will allow us to leap forward. I know this and I know that I can’t afford to forget about it, even if I dedicate 10 minutes of meditation to it.
  4. Put It On Paper to Manage Your Expectations. Yes, just like you would schedule your day as an employee to make sure you join meetings or complete tasks. Writing down what you will need to complete and making sure that your ONE THING is included in the first hours of the day will help you feel like you are making progress. Seeing it on paper will also bring clarity to what needs to be achieved in the following days. Now, with a baby, I know that flexibility will be key but I also know that keeping track of what I do with the baby will also help me monitor that the baby is progressing as expected.
  5. Automate, Delegate or Outsource What You Can. There are so many great tools today that you can use to schedule in advance sharing content that it would be really not a good use of your time not to leverage these. From Tailwind, IFTTT, Grum, BoardBooster to Buffer or even Facebook allow you to schedule in advance and therefore maximise the use of your time. Also, consider creating workflows for recurring activities. Having a clear step-by-step process in place can save you time and you won’t need to re-create the process every single time. If you can, also delegate those tasks that are not as important for you (including home chores). For a business, some would delegate editorial tasks and others will go all the way and hire a VA (Virtual Assistant).  Again, there are great affordable options to do this and is just about finding the right person for you. Another well-known option used by bloggers is to have guest bloggers to free some time and maximise the value of the networks from different communities.

In conclusion, I guess it is about prioritising and making the most out of tools that will help you become even more productive when you also have children to take care of. What idea do you already practice or will you start practising? Have more tips? FOLLOW supermumlifestyle.net on Facebook and share your own tips.

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