1. Are you currently reading these words on your phone?
  2. Where do you keep your smartphone while you sleep?
  3. Do you check the time on your watch or your phone?
  4. Do notifications distract you from what you were doing?
  5. As you commute to work, do you see most people looking at their phones?
  6. During a holiday, do you take your pics on your phone?
  7. And at home or with friends do you find that instead of talking or while watching TV, everyone is on their phone?
  8. Are you on your phone as you walk?
  9. How long do you think you can go without your phone?
  10. Where is your phone right now?

OK, I admit it. I am addicted to my phone and as a mompreneur dare, I say that it could be worst? Instead of being there 100% for my girl sometimes I find myself checking Facebook to see how people responded to my posts, checking my email to see if there are any urgent messages or reviewing what I will be doing the next day. I know this is not right and somehow I found myself doing this. I have always believed that it is important to be there 100%, present with whoever is important in your life. Yet life seems to be lived more and more on our phones instead of on the real world.

So in order to get better at this, although there always seem to be like 1 million things to do as a Mompreneur not only I promise that I will not use my phone while with family and friends but I have also decided to find as many tools/apps that allow me to optimise how I use my phone for my business.

Top Apps to Optimise Your Use of Phone Time as Mompreneur

  1. Insight Timer. One of the best free meditation apps to start your day at your best.
  2. Facebook Adverts. Allows you to look at your key results for your campaigns.
  3. Pocket. A “save for later” app allows you to file away useful articles, interesting videos and any other content that you want to keep for future use.
  4. Buffer. Allows you to schedule, publish and analyse all your posts in one place.
  5. Canva. From 100’s of free images, on the go prepare great posts to share with your fans.
  6. Priority Tasks.  Allows you to prioritise your to do’s list by: important and urgent, important and not urgent, urgent and not important or nor urgent and not important.
  7. 1Password. Save all your passwords and log in to sites with a single click. Better than keeping them in your notebook.
  8. Skype. Still one of the easiest and best tools for video conferencing.
  9. QuickBooks. Accounting software that helps you run your business from tracking sales and expenses to connecting with other accounts.
  10. Day One. Record what’s going on each day and make plans to iterate on noticeable slumps or achievements.

As an entrepreneur, mompreneur or if you want to start your digital lifestyle journey, what other apps would you recommend? Feel free to add these to our Facebook Page SUPERMUMLIFESTYLE

NOTE: No affiliate links were used in this blog, just wanted to share useful tools that may also help you manage better your phone time.