I know…Mompreneur Like a Toddler Would


You must be thinking why would a mompreneur suggest to act like a toddler, but let me share with you something that happened recently. As I was getting ready to celebrate Mother’s Day my toddler decided to be just a toddler. Everyone talks about the traits of a toddler, how that stage can be ‘challenging’ and that requires a lot of …patience.


As a mum I know about patience, I know, about how to make up things along the way to keep my toddler entertained and I know about multi-tasking (because I have no other option although people now say it is bad). However, this time it was my daughter who gives me a lesson…


Mompreneur Like a Toddler


  1. Be stubborn. This is the number one for toddler and for entrepreneurs alike. I would call it in my case being persistent but really… is about being stubborn to keep going on and on and on until you get what you want. An entrepreneur what you want to achieve has to stay at the top of your list and avoid any distractions or naysayers that may not believe in you. Just keep going for it until you get it.
  2. Be assertive. Demonstrate that you stand up for what you believe and what you want to share with the world. My daughter certainly will try as many times as she can to express herself and negotiate her way into what she wants. I know that I could practice more of this as mompreneur.
  3. Get noticed. So this is easy for toddlers, they just have tantrums. For entrepreneurs, is really about how to be expressive… to stand out from the competition of many other businesses that want to get their message across. However, you don’t need to shout out, as entrepreneur is just about finding what will differentiate the business in a very crowded market.
  4. Move on quickly. Toddlers see something doesn’t work and move on easily… and try something else. In the same way, as entrepreneur is important to know how to move on and just try something else. It is pretty much following the idea of testing and testing until you get it.
  5. Have fun!!! Toddlers have fun and enjoy everything they do. As an entrepreneur… I also love my day! I’m lucky enough to do what I love with my digital lifestyle business and have enough time to enjoy time with my family and friends, except that… it is my choice, not just luck. :o)


These are some of the few lessons from my toddler. Would you learn anything else from a toddler?