Companies have been developing strategies to join the Digital Era or Fourth Industrial Revolution. New technologies such from artificial intelligence, robotics to Fintech or even Healthtech are experiencing accelerated growth and only our own desire to adopt seems to be blocking even further growth. However, it is without a doubt incredibly important to start from today planning your next steps to survive the changes that are being experienced across different industries. Daily practices can help you be better positioned when change starts affecting your own career.

Top 10 Practical Tips to Go From Employee to Entrepreneur

Whether you are planning a long career in your industry or have an interest in setting up your own business in the future to leverage new opportunities, it is always important to be ready.

1. Be Clear on Your Goal

As in business, having a clear career goal will always help you to understand where you want to be in the future and then it will become easier to understand how to get there. It is to note that this is not about a title but a SMART goal. Think about what you would like to be seen when you are about to retire? What would you have liked to achieve? What impact would your career have had in your personal life? Furthermore, it is very important to visualise your goal on a daily basis.

2. Anticipate Customer Needs and Understand Insights 

Anticipate your customer needs, what are their personalities and how are they are likely to adopt changes to the market. Consider that your customers could be either internal or external, still you need to anticipate to be ready. Furthermore, beyond just gathering data about them develop insights that will help you develop clear strategies and plans.

3. Stay Current

The pace of change is such that if you are not constantly updating your knowledge and skills, it is likely that you will become replaceable. Leverage the opportunity to learn in this digital era at your own pace and during your free time but always grow your knowledge.

4. Always Provide Value

As you learn and develop new skills, share what you learn. It will be easier to constantly provide additional value from what you could traditionally do and can help distinguish you from your competition.

5. Collaborate with Other Areas or Partner Companies

Organisations are no longer linear neither work in isolation. Collaboration has become a need to facilitate ongoing growth. Companies do this on a regular basis and in a career, this is also applicable.

6. Wear Multiple Hats

If you are following the previous ideas, it will also become easier for you to be more flexible on what you can deliver internally. Furthermore, in this digital era, people are leveraging their additional knowledge to create an additional income which can later replace the original 9 to 5 role.

7. Build Relationships and Inspire Others

We all know that relationships are extremely important and now technology provides us with a platform to grow new relationships, share our knowledge with a wider audience and inspire them with no boundaries. This is a great opportunity to grow your own brand to future proof your career.

8. Deliver Experiences 

We are no longer longing for just products or services, instead, experiences have become more important and this has been clearly understood by technology brands such as Airbnb or Uber. When you think on how you want to deliver in your own career, also consider what will be the overall experience. How do you want to be remembered?

9. Be Agile to Take Opportunities

If you stay current it will be easier to be agile, quickly adapt and even fail fast to then learn and move forward. Time is of an essence in this digital revolution so don’t wait until it comes biting on you.

10. Have a Portfolio of Products and/or Services

Finally, consider what would be your plan B, C or D if life decides to send you a curve ball? As long as you are clear on your goal, how you get there when you don’t rely in one single product or service may not be as important and sometimes it may be better for your overall work-life balance. Be open to new challenges and if you followed the other tips, it will be easier to balance your portfolio.

Remember, you have power on what you focus on.

If you practice daily these tips, it is likely that you will have a clear mindset on how to move on and protect your career in the digital revolution. To learn more, SIGN UP today!