Everyone is different as well as circumstances are also different, so I was really surprised when I found out that other mums were feeling the same when going back to work after maternity leave. That feeling in your heart when you leave your little one for the first time with a stranger for a day.

As you start you realise that your old routine no longer works because you need to wake up earlier to get ready, then get your baby ready and then maybe change clothes again after she is sick on your top. Then if by luck you arrive at the train on time you finally relax as you commute one hour or sometimes even more to work. In your mind, all the list of to do’s for your baby, for home, for work, for your partner. During the day you try to fully concentrate, and for some reason, you don’t seem to remember all the details of your job before you had your baby. So you are tired from poor sleeping, worried because you are not as good as you remembered and to be honest not sure if you have the energy. Some days you don’t even make it the whole day because for some reason babies do get more sick as soon as you start working again and they join a new environment.

True that work gives you a break, and other mums agree on this, but the break means that then you are rushing back home in the afternoon hoping that there won’t be any problems on your journey back and you will make it on time. Once you arrive and your baby receives you with open arms you find out all the things that you missed during the day. Sometimes you miss the first words, first steps, first achievements as your baby is becoming a toddler that learns more and more about the world. In the evenings you treasure those moments with your baby, try to make the most of the time before putting your baby to sleep, do some work at home and at some point finally go back to sleep only to start the next day again.

All the feelings from going back to work once you have a baby changed my perspective on my career, what I wanted to achieve and realised how important my baby was in my life; how much I wanted to be there for her. Nevertheless, you try to manage and find a way to achieve the so treasured work-life balance only to realise that is always harder to keep both. I tried to keep my career as before, but things do change, and at some point, I realised that I really couldn’t have it all (at least not in the best possible way). I know it is ok t do your best, but I wanted to find out if there was another option to get me closer to my ideal day, to my ideal life with my little one, partner, friends and career.

I kept looking for options, and some of them were full of promises but didn’t really feel right until great mentors helped me to discover the benefits of an online business. Here I could use the skills I learned during my corporate career, help others and have time to be there for family and friends wherever they were in the world. Now I transition out of the corporate world, and I love owning my time so that I don’t miss any of those big moments as my little one grows. This hard work but feels much more worth it than when I transitioned after maternity leave into my corporate job.

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