In the same way that is important to work out to be fit, working out your ‘brain muscle’ or practising Mindfulness is important to enable you to achieve what you want from every day. You may have heard that leaders and celebrities such as Emma Watson or Arianna Huffington have incorporated the daily practice of Mindfulness. They have recognised that emotional wellbeing is as important and that you can’t forget the important things in life.

When you practice Mindfulness you:

  • Focus your attention and remember ‘You Have Power On What You Focus On.’
  • Are able to manage better your thoughts and emotions and are able to act on purpose as you are more clear on what you want and why you want it.
  • Are able to learn more from yourself and therefore provide better and more calmed responses to what comes up during your day.

Now, it is really easy to let daily life drag you into a routine and excuse yourself for not having time to do what you really should but taking 20 or even just 10 minutes of your day to practice Mindfulness can bring significant benefits to your day and ultimately to what you want to achieve.

Benefits Associated with Mindfulness include:

1. Enhanced ability to deal with change as you are able to acknowledge things as they are and let go of what limits you to just carry on.

2. More resilience which is extremely important to make sure that you keep on with your purpose even if you lose some battles along the way.

3. More effectiveness as you are able to focus on just the one thing that really matters in the present moment.

4. Better relationships as you can also provide full attention to others and therefore can be more engaging.

5. Less stress as you are able to pause and feel calmer, managing better your ’emotional brain.’

A recommended practice to start is the ‘3 Step Breathing Space’ which enables you to take a mindful pause any time, anywhere and whenever you need it. It helps you to pause, breathe and be present.

Many resources could be recommended to start your Mindfulness Practice, from training to books and even apps such as Headspace. As a mum, one of my favourite books is Planting Seeds: Practicing Mindfulness with Children from Thich Nhat Hanh.

Remember, to achieve what you really want, you need to have a clear purpose and be present. Exercise your brain muscle as you would take care of your body and the other activities during your day will also benefit from this practice.

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